class ibex.sklearn.ensemble.BaseEnsemble(base_estimator, n_estimators=10, estimator_params=())

Bases: sklearn.ensemble.base.BaseEnsemble, ibex._base.FrameMixin


The documentation following is of the class wrapped by this class. There are some changes, in particular:

Base class for all ensemble classes.

Warning: This class should not be used directly. Use derived classes instead.

base_estimator : object, optional (default=None)
The base estimator from which the ensemble is built.
n_estimators : integer
The number of estimators in the ensemble.
estimator_params : list of strings
The list of attributes to use as parameters when instantiating a new base estimator. If none are given, default parameters are used.
base_estimator_ : estimator
The base estimator from which the ensemble is grown.
estimators_ : list of estimators
The collection of fitted base estimators.